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5 Years... And the time is starting to fly.


5 years - I've grown so much in that time, yet, I still have so much more to learn.

As I take time to reflect on the last year I have to say so much is ever-changing, life just seems to go by so fast now. I have come to the conclusion that routines are a good thing in moderation, but they are meant to be broken. This year has taught me to stop saying no and to say yes more. Life is certainly all about balance! I went from unemployed (no routine) to employed with a very strict routine. And in the routine, I lost my sense of adventure.

So where did I leave off?

 Ahh Yes! Seattle. I've been here now for about 15 months. I have to say the guys are just the same as they have always been. I know it's terrible to generalize but I've never felt more secluded in the LGBT community as I do here. Luckily, though I almost missed out, I met someone pretty special in April. We haven't put a label on anything yet, but today marks 6 months since we met. There is no better feeling than finding someone who gets you out of your comfort zone (routine), is supportive of your goals and is able to keep up with you even from the opposite side of the country.

Wait wait wait....

Before my few local friends call me out. I have to say I would be lost without you select few! You all have come to my rescue, whether you were just an open mind ready to listen, a concert buddy, a clubbing or adventure buddy I cannot thank you enough for getting me out of my routine and helping me get back into my fun loving spontaneous AF self.

Looking back on this year has made it clear to me that though you can try and try and try and try to come off as someone who has it all figured out, don't miss out on life to try to uphold this appearance. Life is a raw experience- you don't get to go back and make edits when your time comes. So live in the moment, be spontaneous, be safe, and cherish the moments spent with those that bring out the best in you. For it is those people that have saved this year from becoming a total loss and I cannot thank them enough for that. 


Until next year-


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