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The complete coming out story

& yearly updates.

6: The Life Path,

What a year? Where did the time go?

You know how when you take a road trip and the time always seems to go faster on the way back home? I feel like that’s a great example of how life is starting to feel, you go into the unknown each year, but at the end we get into our routine, things become more familiar, and before you know it: BAM! another year has passed by.

August 22, 2018 marks my 6th year since coming out, funny enough, according to numerology 6 is also my life path number. While 2017-2018, seemed like just another year on the calendar- socially, professionally, spiritually, and emotionally it was as if I had really found my life path. Thinking back to the year prior, I really spoke about losing my sense of adventure. Rest assured I found it.

If you’re reading these in order let me follow up on a few items from my year 5 Post:

1.    Aries (April) Boy- We called it shortly before the holidays as it was just hard to facilitate a cross country uhhh, fling? We remain friends and chat occasionally.

2.    Seattle- I still maintain my residence here, but I’m looking at traveling to other cities to explore which more closely align to my goals.

3.    Concert series continues: Misterwives (Start 10/17), Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood (11/17), Taylor Swift and Shania Twain (5/18), Panic At The Disco! (8/18) Beyonce/Jay-Z and Thomas Rhett (10/18)

I won’t bore you with too many details from the end of 2017 aside from spending plenty of time in MI for the holidays but there are a few important things to mention. FORESHADOWING

·       Career Flexibility- Thanks to the nature of my job at the time I could extend my stay in MI.

·       The One- I fell for a long-time crush hard, he then told me he still had feelings for his ex.

·       The Rebound- I rebounded with a boy that I had chatted with digitally for some time and it Went Somewhere.

·       The Layover- I digitally chatted with a boy on my layover in ORD.

It was after the holiday rush, I had made plans to see a long-time crush and per usual the encounter went extremely well. There’s just something comfortable about his company, never a lull in conversation it just felt right. I left feeling some type of way. Fast forward a couple days to NYE I’m down in his area and admittedly under the influence of alcohol I made my feelings known through text. Later I received the response above, and my drama queen side came out: cue Thomas Rhett’s “Marry Me.” Bouncing Back seemed like the best option at the time, so I set up a movie date with a longtime acquaintance it went shockingly well, and things progressed into talking regularly, and hanging out every chance we got. This included a birthday trip for myself in May for my first time to Las Vegas. Things progressed nicely, but naturally nobody is looking for a remote boyfriend. We still chat and keep up with one another.

Speaking of remote, at the end of July I accepted a fully remote position with a new company! Based out of Logan, Utah. I had no idea what I was getting into when I applied. There was no explicit statement saying the position was even potentially remote. After the bit of traveling I did in June to Durango, CO and Moab, UT I was comfortable enough with the potential move to apply. Especially after it kept showing up in my recommendations, I knew I had to jump at it, it just felt right. Coincidentally, the boy I chatted with in ORD lives in SLC, so we have been able to meet up a couple of times when I’ve been to Utah for work. I think there is really potential for a great friendship, perhaps even more, after-all I seem to have issues finding guys (especially LGBTQ) that like the same things I do. It’s nice to know there’s more out there.

It’s no secret that it takes a fair amount of time to get settled in a new place, I can say with certainty this year affirmed that I have a strong network built upon similar interests. I was able to really dive into autocross this year, while I wasn’t able to make every event when I did go, I felt right at home in our little group! Now I see fellow racers out and about and I’m compelled to say hi and ask them how it’s going, believe it or not Seattle finally seems to be thawing a bit.

With that said, coming into the winter months I cannot wait to spend 34 days in Michigan. I’m leaving Hawaii after Thanksgiving, spending 2 days in Seattle and then flying off to Michigan for my mom’s wedding, Christmas, and the New Year. I’m excited to see friends and family but hope that I don’t end up going stir crazy or bulk too much from all the eating.

Alright, now that we’ve talked boys, friends, and travel, let’s talk about a few things I neglected to mention: Early in the year I posted a few YouTube videos, it felt great to be back up on my soapbox! Of course, the videos trickled off but, I have an explanation. To be fully authentic takes a lot of opening up and being comfortable sharing thoughts, ideas, space, life, the good, the bad, and the dirty. My current living situation doesn’t really allow for this sort of transparency without compromising the privacy of others. So that’s a BIG item on the wish list. Another thing! Instagram has been an amazing outlet for me creatively so if you’re coming from there thank you! And lastly, welcome to the new hub for all my projects and home for this blog. I’m considering it a work in progress so if there is anything, you’d like to see here hit me up!

As 2019 comes into view, I still feel unsure about what I really want- and where I want to be in the next chapter. I’m making good progress financially and socially in Seattle, although the lifestyle changes that Utah could present are certainly enticing. At this point I’ve given myself until May 23, 2019 to do some exploring. Maybe turning 25 will help me dial in a few goals.

Until next time,


Tyler Corbin