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4 Years... Better LATE than never, just like coming out of the closet.

Forgive me if this post is very April-August 2016 heavy... So much has changed in the past few months.

Picking up where "3 Years" left off, I continued life in a poly relationship over Halloween and the holidays. It was the first real experience I had with actual pressure to commit to holiday parties beyond the typical family happenings. I managed pretty well, though being part of a split family I always felt I was spread pretty thin. Regardless, I learned you really can do anything you set your mind to.

2016- The year of traveling with a partner or two ;)  
New Years Day the 3 of us headed to Chicago to get away for a much-needed break and regrouping. We enjoyed exploring and, started off the year right in my opinion.
April took us to Toronto, just another quick trip together to explore. It was nice to experience Canada beyond the airports I experienced summer 2015. On this trip, I distinctly remember sharing a laugh about an interaction with an older gentleman at a rest stop. I simply held the door for him and, he had to ask where I was from because that was "the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him." Once we arrived in Toronto we treated our trip very similar to Chicago, exploring what we could in the time that we had. On our way home we made our way to Niagra Falls, making sure to make use of the far superior Canadian view.

I made it, commencement seemed to sneak up on me. It's always bittersweet to close a chapter that was made up of so many shaping experiences. At commencement, I sat with one of the first LGBT friends I made at EMU. Sporting my rainbow chords provided by LGBTRC I was happy to represent my community that I had grown into so openly. Because of ticket limits, only one of my boyfriends could attend the actual ceremony. The other met up with my mom's side of the family for a dinner in my honor. We went to Applebee's and, Jim met up with us outside wielding a bouquet of flowers. DRUMROLL PLEASE HERE IS THE OBLIGATORY AWKWARD MOMENT OF THE YEAR: I hesitantly accepted the flowers and felt inclined to leave them in the car, however, Jim insisted I take them in. Meeting up for dinner included: my mother, my two "friends", my grandparents, my sister and I. The dinner was pretty quiet, lots of small-talk (the worst). Peaking my anxiety my grandpa asked me if the flowers were "from my girlfriend." I wanted to curl up into a ball and roll away... Talk about awkward! I shrugged it off as I typically do. I have no clue if I will ever completely come out to him. Dinner awkwardly continued and we eventually parted ways so I could go home and nap.

MAY: The Rollercoaster Month            
It had been no secret over the past couple of months that I had an interest in moving my life west to Seattle. I had sought counseling at EMU's Snow Health Center to confront the anxiety surrounding the idea and some relationship troubles. My counselor was amazing and brought me the answers I knew in my heart were true. With all of this in mind, we took a week vacation to explore the Seattle area. I'm still impressed with the amount of planning I put into the trip. Long story short Jim and Blake weren't exactly thrilled with the hotel when we arrived but it was an experience. We met with some local friends and did all of the necessary exploring. It felt very vacation-like as we returned the other 2 seemed eager to be boarding the plane back to Michigan. In my heart I knew what was to come would not be pretty, at before boarding the plane I knew in my heart Seattle was the place for me.
As we settled back into the routine of being home in Ann Arbor, I went home for my mom's birthday celebration. When I returned my partners informed me of their reluctance to move. It was quiet for a while we enjoyed a few days still all together and then I informed them that I still wanted to move. Very shortly after I was making arrangements to move out and up to my grandparent's house.
I'm sure it is uneasy for any breakup, co-existing for the few days before I moved proved to be the most difficult thing I ever endured; mostly due to their continuing as if nothing had changed as far as having friends over and going out. Needless to say, I maintained a busy schedule myself. They were gone for the weekend so I took that opportunity to pack and move my things crying and listening to the most heartwrenching songs I could endure. I guess I was trying to purge out as many feelings as I could.
Summer at home; preparations
Moving into my grandma's house proved to be the best situation I could ask for it gave me the time I needed to get back to my roots. Joey (surprise I actually adopted a cat back in Feb.) acclimated to the other animals well. Spending time with my cousins before my move across the country was the best situation. To prepare for my move I started selling my belongings including my car and saved as much money as possible. June 25 was the day I marked the departure.
I've Arrived
Post a 9-day camping/road trip with the closest person I have to a brother. I began my life in my city. The job hunt has been interesting- a slow process but some good leads are coming down the line now. The gay community out here is different but, I've managed to make a few friends that don't just want to have sex with me. Being here for 2 months I was hoping to have something locked down by now. But, as they say: "good things come to those who wait." 

With that, I find myself here having a few friends, my cat, and a regular bar. Here's to hoping for the best as I begin my career. Looking forward to my 5th year out and proud as I begin this new chapter.


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