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Three Years

Three Years! It is amazing how time flies. Here I sit outside, my senior year upon me, and feeling the best I've ever felt in my 3 years as an out gay man.

This year has been so amazing! It started off in Hawaii last August. I have fond memories of sitting out on the beach of the big island beach house my parents had rented reading "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and exchanging text messages across a six hour time difference with a new friend. My new friend Jim and I shared awkward and weird conversations in what I'm sure was his free time and my mornings into my laid-back Hawaiian afternoons when he would tell me he was off to bed. We talked about the book I was reading and silly topics like "What would the antonym to vanilla be?" I think we agreed on confetti cake... Jim and I continued to talk on and off all summer.

Returning to EMU...
As soon as my first Hawaiian excursion came to a close I returned to my apartment at Eastern. My best friend Angela was staying with me for the summer and we were stoked to go see Katy Perry the week of my return. We went all out creating costumes complete with lights and individually glued on feathers. It was a great close to the summer with RA training approaching quickly for us both.

I survived training and syllabus week and then it was time for a little social interaction. Of course I was using grindr to find gay friends and it just so happened that I had been talking to a guy who just so happened to know Jim. I was hanging out with this guy a lot (mostly because he was a U of M guy who could get me into a lot better parties than my own campus had to offer).

Then it happened...
He invited Jim and Blake over. (Blake is Jim's Boyfriend) So there we were all sipping on glasses of wine listening to the finest music fall of 2014 had to offer. I remember blake and I eyeing each other and Jim imitating Nicki Minaj's Anaconda:

"This dude named Michael used to ride motorcycles"

They were both so cute and nice I wasn't really interested in anything else going on, I just wanted to know more about them. Now forgive me for my memories have been blurred by alcohol consumption and time but over the next couple of days/weeks I kept my social schedule pretty packed Jim, Blake, and I began Hanging out more a few times with others, a time or two with Angela, and then the 3 of us went on a date.

Jim had mentioned Polyamory before, and asked if it would be something I would consider. I didn't think twice about it, yes I knew it would be yet another thing I would have to "come out" about, but why not give it a shot?

On the 26th of October, all three of us sitting together on their tiny love seat in their small one bedroom apartment they asked me to officially be their boyfriend.

Now, Nearing the 26th of August (our 10 months) I cannot believe


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