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Today was a day of mixed feelings because I had a lot on my plate.... Work, A final date with a boy I liked before we headed to separate ends of the mitten for college. This day was looking to be a sorry one... After my final date with this special man was over, I had to drive home... emotions running wild over the fact that I had just kissed the boy I liked, knowing that this night would be the last night for a while that I would have the chance to see him.

 I decided now was the perfect time to tell my parents about my homosexuality. With Katy Perry driving my emotions as I jammed out on the way home; I gathered my words to tell my parents.

My dad made it easy for me. Greeting me as "queer boy" as I skipped into the house. I agreed with him, and soon enough I was repeating the words I'm Gay, I'm a Homosexual to my stepmom and father until they could comprehend what I was saying.

After it fully hit them, my dad was the one to ask all of the awkward questions... They weren't so bad. I just kept one thing in mind... BE HONEST!!!!

And that's how my parents found out that I am Gay... I only wish now I would've told them sooner!

Tyler Corbin 8/22/12

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